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Privacy Policy

  1. Veracomp SA kindly informs you that the Aim of maintain website is provide information of activity, products and achievements of Veracomp SA to wide range of Customers and Partners and facilitate communication of Veracomp SA with it's Costumers. All data and information transferred through Veracomp SA website (in details e-mail content, comments, data showed in forms) shall be treaten as a passed on voluntarily and Veracomp SA shall not insist on pass them on.

  2. We are kindly ask you to not convey using website information which can contain personal data (both you and third persons) in the meaning of polish Data Protection Bill ("Ustawa o Ochronie Danych Osobowych") from the day 29th of August 1997 unless the owner intension is to convey such information to Veracomp SA in purpose of communicate in the matter of Veracomp SA website aim described in point 1.

  3. All personal data obtained by Veracomp SA are protected from unauthorized Person access. Although Veracomp SA protect all personal data we inform you that rules and internet functionality do not guarantee full protection of transmission and Veracomp SA does not claim any responsibility for personal data protection before place personal data in Veracomp SA data base and for data outside of Veracomp SA data base.

  4. For all time all Person who transferred personal data to Veracomp SA have access to all their personal data collected in Veracomp SA data base and have right to demand correction and removal of such data unless the data will be necessary for Veracomp SA to be in business.

We consider that after transfer to Veracomp SA any internet address our Visitors agree to use it in purpose of keep communicate with Veracomp SA in all cases connected with the aim of Veracomp SA website.

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